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Hashtag Reading (#Reading) is a vibrant community of wordsmiths, dreamers, and seekers of literary gems. Our platform is where literature comes alive, and stories thrive. Led by a team of passionate authors, bloggers, artists, and poets, we've crafted a space that celebrates the magic of words and the boundless worlds they create.

#Reading isn't just about reading; it's about diving deep into the ocean of literature. Our content is created to unravel the threads that connect authors, books, and readers. 

Our mission is to create a sanctuary where literature enthusiasts, both writers and readers, can come together to share, learn, and revel in the world of books. 

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"With every page turned and every word penned, we're sculpting a universe where creativity knows no bounds, and where writers and readers inspire each other to reach new heights."

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Bridging The Gap Between Writers and Readers

We have created #Reading as a platform that would bridge the gap between writers and their audience, while guiding readers towards their next literary adventure. We understand the struggles writers face in reaching the hearts of their readers, and we're here to illuminate the path. With a blend of insightful tips, thought-provoking interviews, and resources tailored for authors, poets, and bloggers, we're committed to nurturing the talents that fuel our literary landscape.

Companion For the Readers

For the readers who wander through the realms of imagination, seeking the next page-turner that will take them to new horizons, we're your compass. Our content is adorned with honest book reviews that shed light on the essence of each story, helping you make informed choices on your reading journey. Our book recommendations are handpicked treasures, waiting to be discovered and cherished. We're not just here to offer suggestions; we're here to be your reading companions.